Who we are

"TH.KARAYANNIS S.A." was founded in 1972 for the construction of public and private technical projects. With 40 years of operation, it has completed numerous projects in Greece and abroad, thus acquiring great experience in many kinds of structures, particularly in building works and in renovations - renovations of important historical buildings and monuments.

The Company has been particularly dynamic in the field of infrastructure and energy projects, implementing the central and urban gas network installations and constructing innovative for their time, energy buildings.
Good cooperation with other construction companies in the execution of various projects and the confidence gained over the Public and Private Partnerships project implementation. Thus the Company has become absolutely reliable regarding the construction market.
In 2009, “TH.KARAYANNIS S.A.” was granted the construction license Public Works of “INTRAKAT S.A.”, so with the contracting degree of “CYBARCO S.A.” was created contracting degree Higher Order. “INCON INVESTMENTS S.A.”, arose from the functional combination of "TH.KARAYANNIS S.A." and its subsidiary "ATTALOS S.A." (which had expertise in residential development projects), unifying the staff and services (computerization, purchasing department and costing, accounting offices, etc.), thus continuing the timeless and dynamic work of "TH.KARAYANNIS SA".
“INCON INVESTMENTS S.A.” is highly respected and appreciated in the banking system, providing important real estate.



The Company undertakes the construction of projects of all kinds and sizes in both Public and Private sectors. Mainly undertakes large-scale building construction as well as renovation – restoration of important historical buildings.

The services provided are mainly focused on:
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Design and Construction Projects
  • Turn – key Projects

Summarizing, our Company has the qualifications, the ability and the experience to construct:
  • State buildings (Ministries, City Halls, etc.)
  • Sports Centers
  • Housing Complexes
  • Recreation and Exhibition Center
  • School and College buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Hotel and Resorts Complexes
  • Landscaping
  • Renovation and restoration
  • Water and sewerage projects
  • Power generation stations
  • Power transmission and distribution networks
  • Gas transmission and distribution networks
  • Biological treatment